Welcome to PopTalk

September 20th., 2022

Another Social Network?

I'll address that question in just a minute but first I want to thank you for joining us here and welcome you to the official launch and re-launch of PopTalk.

I don't know if I like the term "Social Network", much prefer the term "Community" more. Our actual framework and underlying philosophy is more about sharing ideas, creative works/expressions and meeting new like-minded people rather than a collective message board of the "same old things" from the "same old people" over and over again. I believe if you have friends and family in the real-world, you should likely connnect with them in the real-world whenever possible. PopTalk is about meeting NEW people, making NEW friends and building something new that simply doesn't exist anywhere else online. 

Politics? We don't care but we're passionate about the freedom of expression, provided it's neither directly hurtful to someone or incites or suggests violence. We're all adults here and our community goal is about enriching lives, maybe learning something new and sharing what we create, believe, feel or choose to express or not express.

We don't share your personal information with corporations or data-mining organizations - that's important but we're a bit different than other "social networks" in the way we interact with each other in OUR Community. We believe everybody has a voice and everybody has the right to see and be seen, hear and be heard. Afterall, that's the way you meet new people. If you're the kind of person who simply wants to interact with a closed network of "friends" then perhaps we're not for you. But if you're a musician, an artist, a raconteur or simply somebody who wants to meet and exchange ideas with new people - we're the only game in town. Remember, we're a community, that means we "share".

But we're not sharing with Equifax, Big Brother or any government - that's the first rule of "Fight Club" and the second rule is, what happens in PopTalk STAYS in PopTalk. No other social network has that basic policy or ethos.

We have some basic rules here, rules governed by common sense rather than the bottom line. In other words, our rules are not dictated by advertisers, sponsors or any special-interest groups. We believe in fair play and fair dealing but most importantly we believe in the power of the human spirit to achieve, create and share with each other - to create something bigger than ourselves - together.

So we're not exactly "another social network", if anything we're a grassroots movement to take back what is rightfully ours and that's the right to express ourselves, enlighten and be englightened while having fun online.

Share your thoughts, your ideas, your wisdom and most importantly your sense of humor. Share your music, your art, your writing, your creativity with everyone and encourage others to share with you.

That's precisely our goal and we sincerely hope and trust you share our vision to Take Back The Net, and together, build a better, happier, more human world - together.


Welcome To PopTalk & Thank YOU Again!


Peter A. Wray
CEO Pop Global Media, LLC. / Pop Global Media, Inc.

4300 Biscayne Blvd
Suite 203
Miami, Florida 33137


Revised Previous Content From Our Public Beta

A Gigantic Welcome To You And Why PopTalk?


Hey New PopTalker, you don't need to read all this stuff but maybe you should because...

We'd like to thank you and welcome you to PopTalk, a brand new social media platform built exclusively for you because we know that all those other companies simply don't value your privacy or your freedom to express your creativity - they let us all down.

And PopTalk is the only social network where you're rewarded for your positive contribution and your participation. We'll tell you more about that in second...Because...

PopTalk is different. We've built our complete ecosystem from the ground up to be a positive place in our lives and the world. It's a chance to say goodbye to negative intrusive forces that invade your privacy and exploits your personal data. 

Those points of course don't really matter if we didn't also set out to create a fun, vibrant and safe community to share ideas and simply focus on positive human values instead of corporate greed.

And that's precisely what we've set out to achieve with PopTalk.



We're Brand New And We're All Here Together To Build A New And Better Community

Let's make it clear. We strongly believe in freedom of expression and socially responsible free speech. What is socially responisble? Well, the best way to understand that is that you don't yell fire in a crowded theater and you don't purposely lie or cause harm to your friends. It's just that simple.

We believe, and we think you agree, that the internet has been used to spread negativity and social conditioning that profit from negative ideas and behavior. Worst of all, certain companies have used these social conditioning ideas to exploit people and invade their privacy and even their beliefs.

That's why our corporate mantra is "Take Back The Net". We believe it's time for people everywhere to stand up and reclaim the internet as their own.

So participate, take part, create and explore and most importantly, have fun with your friends, family and the entire world - And let's do it together, on the same team.



Privacy? What's That All About?

Unlike other search engines and social media platforms, we don't do ANY data mining. Data mining is all about treating human beings like yourself as an exploitable product for profit. They do that by taking your personal data and selling it to other companies, and even governments, to spy on you and market to you. It's not an honorable thing to do and the recent well-deserved backlash against these companies has demonstrated it's also unethical and can even be recklessly dangerous. We don't do ANY of that.

PopTalk is a secure, trusted, gated community focused on protecting you from exploitation and invasion of your privacy. We do not allow Third-Party advertisers or sponsers or agencies to see ANY of your data or know anything about you.

Yes, you have neighbors in your PopTalk community and yes, your profile may be visible to your neighbors but that stays within our 'gated community'. No large corporation is spying on you and no marketing companies or governments are monitoring your interests, mood, acitions or ideas.




Pop Points And The PopTalks Reward Program - It Pays To Be Social

Every member of PopTalk earns Pop Points for their participation within our community. We'll announce updates about Pop Points in the coming days ahead.

The complete details of our Pop Points program and a breakdown of how you can earn the most Pop Points is located here.







Free Unlimited Music Streaming And More

Ready to see and hear about even more ways it pays to be social with PopTalk? Your PopTalk account includes unlimted free music streaming from the coolest music streaming platform on the net. PopTunes gives you free, streaming music 24 hours a day and it's included as our way to thank you and welcome you as the newest member of the PopTalk community. You can activate your PopTunes membership right here.

We already mentioned contests, and the latest contests, news and information will be available in the coming days ahead.

You'll also find all kinds of fun tools and resources in the Pop The Planet menu.

Want to promote your business or start a store? We've got you covered. Check out the Marketplace in the Main Menu.

Ready to start your next public or private group or plan your next event? Explore the Destinations in the Main Menu.

Want help migrating all your photos from that 'other social network'? You can learn how to do that right here.



Navigating The Community And Building Out Your Presence In PopTalk

After you create your profile, upload your photo and look after a few basic profile items you can begin exploring the PopTalk framework that was built to help you get the most from PopTalk.

You can complete as much of your profile as you want. There's no obligation to share any information that you don't want to. You'll want to take the time and explore the menus that direct to specialized areas and features.

You'll want to make some friends too - Don't be afraid to meet NEW people. That's one of the most powerful features within the PopTalk framework. As an exclusive members only "gated community", we believe that networking and reaching out and meeting NEW people is a key component of getting the most from your PopTalk experience - So don't be afraid to say HI to your fellow PopTalkers...

Likewise, it's important to invite new people into the PopTalk community. The highest Pop Points payouts go to those who refer others into the Pop Talk community. We even feature contests specifically aimed at the top recruiters of new members because just like we said, "it pays to be social".




How To Invite Friends To Join PopTalk And Get Maxium Rewards With Pop Points

The PopTalk Friends Inviter resource page is under Account in the Main Menu. It's the item called: Friend Inviter. That item will take you to a page that allows you to invite friends into PopTalk in a multitude of ways. Notice that every link on that page has a referral tag that identifies you as the sponsor. That means that you will absolutely be credited with Pop Points for everyone that signs up to PopTalk from your referral link.

Remember: your invited friends must actually join PopTalk for you to get the Pop Points credited to your account for the referral.






Promotional Items And Other Fun Stuff

We've put together some fun images and other things you can use to spread the good word about PopTalk on other social media sites. You can also learn more about PopTalk and the people behind this incredible community right here.

You'll also want to check out the world's first and only "Social Search"... a safe, secure and trusted search engine, PopGo - Available from your PopTalk menu. Search the web, talk about the web and get the information you need from the most trusted, honest and reliable search engine on the planet.

You can also explore other exciting platforms within the Pop Eco-System from the Main Menu item, Pop The Planet. We built everything with privacy, and user experience as the number one priority. It's all part of our commitment to help you, "Take Back The Net".





Congratulations, To Our Founding Members

We recognize and appreciate the pioneers that participated in our Public Beta - those who took a valuable first step in being part of the founding of our new community.

That's why some of our members are designated as Founders.

Our Founders are forever identified as one of the bold, the brave and the beautiful in our rapidly growing community.





A Personal Welcome Letter From The PopTalk Team

Want to learn more about us and get some more details about us? You can do that right here.


The Next Step...

It's entirely up to you, but go have fun, silly. Explore, discover and play with all the incredible tools and framework we've built exclusively for you in the PopTalk enviroment. It's safe, secure and most of all, fun.


You Are The Very Best And You Deserve The Very Best From Us

We thank you and we welcome you. We even SALUTE YOU and congratulate you on making the choice to be part of the PopTalk community. Now go do what you do best, go be you and we'll make sure that your right to be everything you can be is appreciated and rewarded. It's a safe, secure environment where you're respected, not exploited. Go make this community yours, now.

Thanks Again - Now Let's Get This Party Started!