About Us

Welcome to PopTalk and thank you for joining with us on our mission to Take Back The Net.

PopTalk is an alternative to existing social media networks and is the result of a growing lack of trust from the general public toward other large comapnies like Facebook and Google.

The fact is, unethical, questionable and quite possibly illegal activities from companies like Facebook and Google have transformed an incredible opportunity for all of us into failed promises and true concerns about lack of trust and exploitation of people worldwide.

PopTalk and our entire Pop Ecosystem exists because we have the very same concerns about unethical exploitation and monetization of people for the sake of corporate greed. Of course we're talking about your personal data and many facets of your life has fallen into hands of corporations whose ethics and businesse practices appear to be very much like car completely out of control with a drunk at the wheel. That of course, gives these corporations the benefit of the doubt that they do not purposefully compromise and exploit your personal data and information.

We don't do ANY of that and that's why we call ourselves Honest and Trusted. The bottom line is, we'll never sell your information or anything about you to any company, foreign or domestic government, nor will we ever permit ANY entity to manipulate PopTalk for ANY sinister purpose or unethical reason and you have our absolute word on that - always. It's not something we're going to promise to fix or come up with some "strategy", we just don't operate that way. That's not our philosophy nor is it part of our technological infrastructure either.

We want you to have fun, express yourself and most importantly we want to empower you to be everything you can be - And you'll know that we're not spying on you to sell you better mortgage rates, report to a credit agency or let some government manipuate your data or our social environment either. 

PopTalk is owned by Pop Global Media, Inc. We are a US Based corporation. Our development team created PopTalk in Beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. We have no political affiliation or any other agenda other than our clearly stated mission to help all of us "Take Back The Net". That means that the internet belongs to the people and your data belongs to you. Your life belongs to you and all of your creative efforts belong to you. 

If you are not breaking any common sense laws or trespassing on another human being in any way then we believe that no company, no government, no organization of any sort has ANY right to the magic inside you or ANY right to anything about your life at all -That's what we're all about here and that's WHY PopTalk was built for you. We hope you have fun and we truly appreciate the opportunity to build safe, secure, honest and trusted places and tools for you. 

And please, spread the word, build the community and help us prove that the people are what powers everything on this planet. We promise we won't let you down.