Rewards Guide

Want To Know How You Earn Pop Points In Pop Talk?

Please note that our Pop Points program is currently being updated.

For quick reference our Public Beta Launch details but be advised we are updating this program.

Pop Points are the exciting reward tokens built into the Pop Eco-System. When you invite friends,  make a post and other activities on Pop Talk, you're rewarded with Pop Points. 

You can redeem Pop Points in various ways but let's learn how the rewards system works.

Here's a complete breakdown of how you can earn Pop Points...

The Rollover Period is the when your Max Pop Point period resets. For example an activity like Post News Feed has a Max Pop Point of 100 per day. Your Rollover Period resets the next day so you can then earn up to 100 points for Posting News Feeds the next day and so on.  You can see that the Friend Inviter has a Max Pop Point of 1,000,000 and the Rollover Period is set to 1. What this means that you will continuously earn points for your successful Friend invitation without ever hitting your Max Pop Point limit on any given day.


Action type Pop Point Max Pop Point Rollover Period
Post news feed 5 100 1 day(s)
Write new entry 7 140 1 day(s)
Like 1 100 1 day(s)
Comment 1 100 1 day(s)
Share 1 100 1 day(s)
Comment status 1 100 1 day(s)
Create Event 5 100 1 day(s)
Friend Inviter
Friend Inviter 10 1000000 0 day(s)
Sent a gift 3 30 1 day(s)
Create Group 6 120 1 day(s)
Join Group 3 30 1 day(s)
Upload Photo 3 99 1 day(s)
Create Topic 7 140 1 day(s)
Add friends 2 100 1 day(s)
Sign Up 5 5 0 day(s)
Post Video 3 99 1 day(s)
This is going to be great!
Great idea! Excited to learn how it all works!
I am finally able to get on just a few sites. Not all of them just yet! Been trying since Brad Barton tore the hinges off the doors! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
This is awesome!
Cannot wait!!!
This is awesome. Now trying to see how this works.
Don May  
I sure like this platform so much better than Fakebook!!!
Glad to be here!
I am snappy with Poptalk and am trying to get all my friends to join. Thank you to the developers for putting this together.
I hope this takes over fakebook
I seem to be having issues with trying to invite friends or search. Anyone got tips?
Ok...just signed up.....excited to learn how all this works. Anyone have any useful tips?
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