What if You Aren’t Actually Sick – Just Fat & Toxic?

Wow – Now that was rude, right? – According to 2023 social norms, sure yes – rude and fat shaming. How dare I?


I’ve earned the right to call things like I see them – I was fat. I was toxic. The problem is that in today’s world, I think we have forgotten what it means to carry extra weight on us. Body positivity has taken over the world. On many levels, that is a hugely positive step. Self-acceptance of who you are and where you are currently is important and I am not by any means downplaying that. However, as a nation, we are growing more and more obese.


The issue isn’t visual, it’s the resulting negative effects on health so please don’t take this article too personally, I am not saying “You’re fat” I am saying “You have too much fat on you”.


We are exposed to toxins day in and day out from so many sources – the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the products we put on our clothes and our bodies – VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds), Heavy metals from chemtrails, industrial work sites, and dental work. Some of these chemicals have even been rightly deemed “forever chemicals” because they stay in your body forever IF you don’t actively work to get them out.


The result of being toxic can take years or a lifetime but it does build up over time. It’s a large part of the reason cancer has become so prevalent. Every illness has a root cause. If you can pull that root out? At the bottom of it – is the vibrant health that is rightly yours.


The problem with holding excessive body fat is twofold

FIRST: Fat is where toxins hide. They are literally hold up in your fat cells just hanging out causing your body to work hard to try and flush them, taking energy away from you and potentially causing unwanted symptoms, illness, disease, and eventually even early death.

SECOND: Excess weight forces your entire body to work harder than was ever intended. You wouldn’t carry a bed of stone around in your pickup truck and expect the truck to perform and get good gas milage and yet that is exactly what many of us do with our own bodies. This can lead to chronic fatigue, painful joints, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and so much more that you just should not have to deal with.

Doctors have stopped telling us we are fat!


The social conditioning has gone too far when the person hired to advise you on your health won’t even tell you a truth that could save you. Instead, they dole out prescription pills in order to “help” you manage conditions you might not still have if you changed your diet, worked out, and lost some weight. That to me is tragic bordering on malpractice.


By societies standards I have never been “fat” – but by older tables of weight for men and women I absolutely have been and even still am. At 5’4” 143 lbs I still fall into the obese category by 3 pounds. My max weight was 186 at age 23. Not at that weight nor any in between did one doctor step up and say “Hey, you know? If you lost some weight some of these health issues might lessen or go away.” And I had a bunch for a while.


Through years of detoxification protocols, trial, and error, trying different ways of eating, vitamins, minerals, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, you name it, I did it. At one point I was taking 6 medications – blood pressure, thyroid meds, pain killers, headache meds, stuff to keep my stomach from ulcerations because of the medication.


I now take no medication at all with the exception of allergy medication for seasonal allergies.

I fully believe, thanks to a revelation discovered by Dr. Daniel Pompano, that Mercury and heavy metal toxicity was at the core of my health problems, including Hashimoto's Disease. I am now free of these metals and feel better than I have in two decades.


If you want to live the life you truly want, the life you truly deserve – You have to detoxify and lose what’s weighing you down.


Posted in Health & Fitness on June 09 2023 at 02:46 PM
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Honesty is good medicine I appreciate you for sharing.
I like to make myself pleasing to myself and others. I don't want to gross people out. Jeff Foxworthy has a great segment on watching people at Walmart on what certain people should not wear in public. There are certain things that people think they are expressing their selves but gross other people out. My son is one of them with his braided beard. I have trained my eyes not to look at it only because I love him so much but I always tell him how I feel and the message he is giving out to other...  more
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